Friday, November 7, 2008

Preteen Misery

How is it that I'm the mom of two preteen girls? They are only 10 & 11 but they are both in full blown pre-adolescence. I have never seen two people as miserable as A & L are. And the drama!! The drama is incredible. For example, A brought home her report card this week. She had 5 As, 2 Bs, 1 C. She bawled...and I do mean bawled...her eyes out for an hour or more over the C. Nevermind that it's still a 3.5 GPA!! Let's also not forget that she is in a new middle school this year. L had all As and 1 B+.

Tonight is L's turn to be miserable (I think they must take shifts because it would be exhausting to be miserable ALL the time). She absolutely couldn't believe that I didn't buy deli meat at the grocery store yesterday and there was NOTHING to eat in the house. As I recall, I spent approximately $150 yesterday buying food that SHE likes!! Oh! How could I forget this morning? On the way to school, she had a MELTDOWN over a story that MUST be written today...before she arrived at school. I tried to help her by giving her topic ideas and none of them were good enough.

And then there's G. I think she has a goal of saying "Momma" as many times as she can in one day. It's most pleasurable to her to say my name when I'm on the phone.

I know that all of this will pass one day and I'll look back and laugh...actually, I'll look back and wish that their preteen girls will act the same way to them as they act to me. I hope I can make it that long.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pictures and Christmas Cards

I finally had my girls pictures made. Tina Nitz of Nitz Photography always captures the best shots of the girls. Tina recently worked with Pottery Barn kids for their photography needs. Her work is really awesome and I am so lucky to have her! Check out her website and you'll see her fabulous work.

This year, she created the Most Awesome Christmas card for me. You can see a sample of it above. It is two sided and will fold into 4 small panels. It has a high gloss finish and I'm just so excited to send these this year.

I spent way too much money on these pictures. I choose to believe that these photos are keepsakes that will be cherished for many years. Somehow, I feel more justified that way. I was able to purchase Christmas gifts for the grandparents and a storyboard for myself. I also purchased black and white 16x20 wall portraits of each girl. I can't wait to pick these up from her studio and get them framed and hung!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I just googled "pumpkins" hoping to find some ideas on how to carve our pumpkins this year. This is one of the images that I found. I think it's hilarious... and I think my neighbors would get a good laugh. The homeowner's president however would probably fine us... she's not got much of a sense of humor.

I also found this cute picture. I love the creativity!

It was actually CHILLY here this morning in Florida... and I LOVE IT!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tips for Saving Money

In this slow economy we should all be a little more aware of how we spend our money. I work for Citigroup so I've been very worried about keeping my job in the last few months. Luckily, at this point I feel like the lay offs are nearing the end but the thought of possible losing my job has made me very aware of where I can save money.

Oprah's show today was all about how people across the country are learning to save. There are so many simple ways to save a little extra every month....and it all adds up!

I would love to hear how you cut costs....and what you plan to do with your savings!!

What do you love?

Is there something in your life that you just absolutely can not imagine not being a part of your life? For example, my daughter LOVES ballet. She lives to dance. She enjoys every hour she spends in a dance studio...and she spends many hours there! It thrills me that she is so passionate about something.

I honestly have to say that I am missing that kind of passion in my life and that makes me sad. I am trying to remember if I ever had a passion. I'm sure I did at one time but I can't remember that time in my life.

What about you? Do you have a passion for something in your life?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Feeling Overwhelmed!

I'm feeling overwhelmed. All 3 of my girls started school last week and it was a really tough transition from the summer where I didn't have to wake up until 7ish. Now, my oldest daughter Amanda has to catch the bus at 6:20am. Yes, 6:20!! The whole bus thing is new to us. Since Pre-K, Amanda has attended a private school which forced me to drive her to school everyday. Now, she is attending a public magnet school for the performing arts. While the bus is a blessing because it keeps me from driving all the way downtown (25 miles), it's still scary to put your 11 year old daughter on a bus before the sun has even come up!

Lauren is in 5th grade and is still attending private school. Gracie is finally in PK and is attending the same school that Lauren attends. This has also been an adjustment. Before this year, I was able to drop Gracie at her school whenever I was able. Now, the school is dictating to me that I drop her off at 8:00am.

All of this happens before I even go to work. I feel exhausted just writing about it. I already need a vacation.

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