Friday, November 7, 2008

Preteen Misery

How is it that I'm the mom of two preteen girls? They are only 10 & 11 but they are both in full blown pre-adolescence. I have never seen two people as miserable as A & L are. And the drama!! The drama is incredible. For example, A brought home her report card this week. She had 5 As, 2 Bs, 1 C. She bawled...and I do mean bawled...her eyes out for an hour or more over the C. Nevermind that it's still a 3.5 GPA!! Let's also not forget that she is in a new middle school this year. L had all As and 1 B+.

Tonight is L's turn to be miserable (I think they must take shifts because it would be exhausting to be miserable ALL the time). She absolutely couldn't believe that I didn't buy deli meat at the grocery store yesterday and there was NOTHING to eat in the house. As I recall, I spent approximately $150 yesterday buying food that SHE likes!! Oh! How could I forget this morning? On the way to school, she had a MELTDOWN over a story that MUST be written today...before she arrived at school. I tried to help her by giving her topic ideas and none of them were good enough.

And then there's G. I think she has a goal of saying "Momma" as many times as she can in one day. It's most pleasurable to her to say my name when I'm on the phone.

I know that all of this will pass one day and I'll look back and laugh...actually, I'll look back and wish that their preteen girls will act the same way to them as they act to me. I hope I can make it that long.....

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Blue-Eyed Bride said...

oh, al! i love reading about your girls. maybe they'll look back and wish that they could be preteens again. some days i do. :)

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