Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pictures and Christmas Cards

I finally had my girls pictures made. Tina Nitz of Nitz Photography always captures the best shots of the girls. Tina recently worked with Pottery Barn kids for their photography needs. Her work is really awesome and I am so lucky to have her! Check out her website and you'll see her fabulous work.

This year, she created the Most Awesome Christmas card for me. You can see a sample of it above. It is two sided and will fold into 4 small panels. It has a high gloss finish and I'm just so excited to send these this year.

I spent way too much money on these pictures. I choose to believe that these photos are keepsakes that will be cherished for many years. Somehow, I feel more justified that way. I was able to purchase Christmas gifts for the grandparents and a storyboard for myself. I also purchased black and white 16x20 wall portraits of each girl. I can't wait to pick these up from her studio and get them framed and hung!!


Sarah said...

They are so cute!! What a great Christmas card! I'm going to do one with one of my wedding photos! : )

Sarah said...

I gave you an award! : )

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

they're gorgeous! love the hair. i can only hope that my baby has gorgeous hair like that. todd and i just ordered christmas cards-- is your address the same?

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