Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Feeling Overwhelmed!

I'm feeling overwhelmed. All 3 of my girls started school last week and it was a really tough transition from the summer where I didn't have to wake up until 7ish. Now, my oldest daughter Amanda has to catch the bus at 6:20am. Yes, 6:20!! The whole bus thing is new to us. Since Pre-K, Amanda has attended a private school which forced me to drive her to school everyday. Now, she is attending a public magnet school for the performing arts. While the bus is a blessing because it keeps me from driving all the way downtown (25 miles), it's still scary to put your 11 year old daughter on a bus before the sun has even come up!

Lauren is in 5th grade and is still attending private school. Gracie is finally in PK and is attending the same school that Lauren attends. This has also been an adjustment. Before this year, I was able to drop Gracie at her school whenever I was able. Now, the school is dictating to me that I drop her off at 8:00am.

All of this happens before I even go to work. I feel exhausted just writing about it. I already need a vacation.

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