Sunday, April 12, 2009

All good things must come to an end?? I hate that saying.....

Well, I had a fabulous weekend. I drove to Florence to see W. We didn't do anything great but we just spent the time together and that made it a fabulous weekend. I think I could do absolutely nothing with him and have a good time. I love that about W. He is just so easy to be with and we could talk all day and night or not say a word and it would be just as good. I was finally introduced to his parents on Saturday and I loved them! I also got to meet his son for a few minutes. What a cutie!

He was called to work on Friday night at midnight. He works for CSX and some super smart person had run through a crossing guard and broken it. W had to replace the guard and rewire the signals to flash when the arm goes down. He had to do all of this in the POURING rain and thunder and lightning. I actually went with him and sat in the truck while he worked....well....I should confess that I SLEPT in the truck while he worked. I was impressed with what I saw though! That's something else that I like about W....he is a HARD worker and he can fix ANYTHING. After being married to a man who couldn't change a light bulb without calling for my help, that's a very important quality to me. I exaggerate a little but the ex was quite helpless.

As usual, the weekend had to come to an end and I had to drive 4 hours home. I hate the long distance thing BUT, given the fact that we were both divorced in the last year, I believe that our relationship can and will be stronger when we are actually able to be together.....and I hope that isn't too far off.

I hope everyone else had a fabulous Easter weekend. I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow morning at all.....

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